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Who I am

Hej, this is me. I’m a 20 years old designer from the Netherlands looking for an internship. Right now, I’m in the second year of my Bachelor study Communication and Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. It is all about Human Centered Design, follow this link to get to know more about it.

When people describe me, they often call me perfectionistic. In my work, every detail has to be well overthought and no pixel is out of place. When I have to do something, I go for it with everything I’ve got. I go on a rampage and nothing can stop me, except tasty food maybe.

When I’m not designing, I like to do all kind of sports, but my favourites are snowboarding, windsurfing and mountain biking. You can find me ripping pow in the alps at least three weeks a year and I’ll be speeding over the dutch lakes with my windsurf sail the moment the wind starts blowing. I used to be a high level wakeboarder and compete all over the Benelux and northern France, what changed the way I look at life.

Last summer, I went surfing the Moroccan coast and met a Swedish couple. We talked about Sweden and I got really exited about the country! I always wanted to visit Scandinavia once, and especially Sweden, but I never did. In the plane back I was thinking about school and thought about the internship I have to do in the third year. I suddenly realised this was the perfect opportunity to finally go there and immediately made my decision final: I will do my internship in Sweden. The country and especially the capital Stockholm, is famous about their innovation and design. Stockholm is THE perfect city for my internship and I’m sure I can learn a lot from your business and I will be a great addition to your team.

Do you want to get to know me even better? Give me a call or send me an email and I might even tell you what color I like the most!

Get to know me!


What I do

COMMUNICATION & MULTIMEDIA DESIGN: I'm in the second year of Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD). This is a quadrennial study focused on Interaction Design, Visual Design and Concepting (and even a bit of prototyping). The university is located in Rotterdam, the biggest city in the Netherlands. It's hard to exactly describe what this study is about, but my school defines us as following:

A good CMD’er is a creative centipede (Dutch expression) with a wide field of interests. Someone who loves to cooperate but also is capable of working on his own. A CMD’er thinks analytical, does research and experiments to get the best result possible.

During this study I gained many new skills. I tought myself how to use some creative tools like some Adobe Illustrator and After Effects and I got familiar with many creative and research techniques.

In the first half of my third year, I have to do an internship. Are you interested? Contact me and I'd like to introduce myself further and get to know you as well.

HIGH SCHOOL: After elementary school I went to the highest level of high school there is in the Netherlands called VWO. This is very comparable with “Das Gymnasium” in Germany. This is a sexennial education in which I chose the direction called Nature and Health. I had classes in biology, math, science, physics, Dutch, English, German, some sort of philosophy and also in art. I graduated in 2014 .


What I use



Vector based illustrations and assets



Photo editing and some screen design



Print and interactive documents



Short 2D animations



Basic websites, just like this one



Kick-ass concepts



Tool for detailed and animated prototypes



Vector based illustrations and assets and my main screen design tool



Tool for fast low-fi prototypes


Vodafone Intranet

Vodafone uses a so called Intranet to help their employees in their daily tasks such as selling phones, comparing graphs and extending subscriptions. Vodafone asked my school to redesign it. For Vodafone it was really important that their identity would be preserved and that the systems functionality would remain (or be improved).

In my and my teachers opinion my redesign was a big succes. I stayed true to their visual identity and I improved many of the functionalities. I decided to use vibrant colors with lots of contrast to make it more appealing to the eye and more fun to work with all day.

If Vodafone would like to proceed with my redesign, I would make a new version in which I would pay a some more attention to the details and fix some mistakes I made redarding to the alignment. To make everything more relaxing to the eye and better readable, I could take some more space for each module.

Full report (Dutch)


During the second year of CMD, I had to do a project. I had to work in a team of four in which we all had our own role. I was the visual designer most of the time. The goal of the project was to design a telecom provider from scratch, based on three or four “Schwartz-values".

My team and I wanted to make a provider for adventurous people who travel to remote places and do extreme activities there. We called it LYNX. I designed the logo and helped with the branding. A friend of mine made the wireframes for the app and together we made the visuals.

After he made the wireframes, I told him that I wasn’t content with the way the users had to navigate and that I came up with a better way. The user started on the homepage, from which he could reach all the screens in one step. He can do that by swiping left, right, up or down. This way of navigating may take some time to get used to because I’ve never seen in in an app before, but I think it can fasten and revolutionise the way of in-app navigating. My friend agreed, but he didn't wanted to leave the more traditonal hamburgermenu out to serve as back-up.

Film critic app

In the second semester of the second year a classmate and I worked together on a project about certain cinema visiters. We designed an app for film critics. This course was about Interaction Design so we first started with an extensive customer research. The obtained data was analysed and from there we started concepting. We decided we wanted our mobile application had to be a native app based on the prerequisites. The next step was a content overview and a sitemap. After we had our concept clear, we started making the wireframes. My partner made the first paper wireframes. We tested the sketches with some other students. I used the obtained feedback to edit the wireframes and tested them again, this time I made a clickable prototype in Invision. We repeated this cycle three more times before we started digitalising the wireframes. I used Sketch to do this.

These clickable protopypes enabled used to really mimic a real app so the next tests were really succesful and well received. To finalise the project with a more high fidelity prototype, I turned to Flinto. Flinto is a visual prototype tool for animated real looking prototypes. I tried to make it as realistic as possible so the target audience could test it without being restricted to a silly looking paper prototype. You can view a recorded version of the prototype down here.

In total the prototypes were tested with 30 people, a quit impressive number. It resulted in a well tested prototype based on real customer insights. The teacher loved our work and rewarded us with a stunning 9.4, the highest mark she has ever given. I am really proud of the app and I am planning to make a more realistic version of the app during the summer holidays. Since I am more into visual design, I am really looking forward to doing this.

Full report (Dutch)

Motion Graphic

For the elective course Motion Design I had to make a tutorial without audio and with as less text as possible. The target audience mainly consists of elders. To design something fell fitted for this kind of people I think succeeded because of three design choices I made. The visual style of the assets is very simple. I let out unnecessary details to keep their focus. To compliment that, I animated everything very slowly so that the elders could keep up. At last I showed the result of every act so the users would better understand what they are doing.

I used Adobe Illustrator for the assets and After Effects to make a movie out of it. I chose this subject because I could use it for a job I was offered by a physicaltherapy clinic. After the course the client told me that he would like the video to be a little bit more into detail. I'm planning to do this after this schoolyear.

Full report (Dutch)

Form Design

During the third quarter of the Interaction Design course in my first year, the goal was to design an interactive form for a given community. My community was all about voluntary nurses. The first page is required to sign up for the community and the thre others can be filled in later, or right away of course.

The design of the form is based on the clipboards used in hospitals and caring homes to identify the patient. I turned it the other way around and used it to identify the nurses.

I'm very happy with the overall look, but there are too many questions per page what makes it hard to read.

Full report (Dutch)

Physical Therapy

When I'm not doing school related work, I like to take on small design jobs. My main clients are Axis Physical Therapy, Havermans Paramedic Centre and Partners in Crème. The

What I have created


Vodafone Intranet

School project


LYNX telecom

School project


Filmcritic app

School project


Motion Graphic



Logo Design



Form Design

School project


Copy Design


Contact me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Hoeven, NL

+31 614211949